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Mar 19, 2014


Adnams Costal Petanque League

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The Adnams Costal Petanque League kicked off on Sunday the 16th of March, the first match of the season saw Dicky 1 hosting the game against Dicky 2 on a fine sunny Sunday. Both the first two legs went to Dicky 2, one 13-8 and the other 13-11 after a marathon game. Dicky 1 have a couple of new players this season in Sue and Luke and their new captain, Conor, gave Luke a game playing with long standing player Magz, this proved to be a good call as they went on to win 13-3, Dicky 1's only leg of the match, the fourth game going to Dicky 2 13-8.

So Dicky 2 keep to their winning ways and Dicky 1 will need to up their game before the return match later in the season. 

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